San-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)


Limited Express trains are operated in Sanyo Line between Kobe and Okayama, though the number of those trains are much less than decades ago. Special Rapid trains are operated between Kobe and Aioi.

San-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図01_Kobe, Hyogo, Shin-NagataSan-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図02_Takatori, Kobe Freight Terminal, Suma-Kaihinkoen, Suma, Shioya, TarumiSan-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図03_Maiko, Asagiri, Akashi, Nishi-AkashiSan-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図04_Okubo, Uozumi, Tsuchiyama, Higashi-Kakogawa, KakogawaSan-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図05_Hoden, Sone, Himeji Bessho, Himeji FreightSan-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図06_Gochaku, Higashi-Himeji, HimejiSan-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図07_Agaho, Harima-KatsuharaSan-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図08_Aboshi, TatsunoSan-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図09_Aioi, Une, KamigoriSan-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図10_Mitsuishi, Yoshinaga, Wake, Kumayama, Mantomi, SetoSan-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図11_Joto, Higashi-Okayama, Takashima, NishigawaraSan-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図12_OkayamaSan-yo Line (Kobe - Okayama)配線略図13_Wadamisaki

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