Tohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)


Most of the trains in Tohoku Line between Tokyo and Kuroiso are commuter trains.

AC-DC section was installed between Kuroiso and Takaku in Jan. 2018, and now all tracks in Kuroiso Sta. are electrified at DC 15 kV. This diagram shows the track layout before the construction.

The siding in Akabane Station was removed. This diagram shows the track layout before the removal.

Tohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図01_Tokyo, Kanda, Akihabara, OkachimachiTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図02_Ueno, Uguisudani, Nippori, Nishi-NipporiTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図03_Tabata, Tabata Junction, Kami-NakazatoTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図04_Oji, Higashi-Jujo, AkabaneTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図05_Kawaguchi, Nishi-Kawaguchi, WarabiTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図06_Minami-Urawa, Urawa, Kita-UrawaTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図07_Yono, Omiya Yard, Saitama-ShintoshinTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図08_OmiyaTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図09_Toro, Higashi-Omiya, HasudaTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図10_Shiraoka, Shin-Shiraoka, Kuki, Higashi-WashinomiyaTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図11_Kurihashi, Koga, Nogi, MamadaTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図12_OyamaTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図13_Koganei, JichiMedical University, IshibashiTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図14_Utsunomiya Freight Terminal, SuzumenomiyaTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図15_Utsunomiya, Okamoto, HoshakujiTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図16_Ujiie, Kamasusaka, Kataoka, Yaita, NozakiTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図17_Nishi-Nasuno, Nasushiobara, KuroisoTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図18_OkuTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図19_Kita-Akabane, Ukima-Funado, Toda-Koen, Toda, Kita-Toda, Musashi-Urawa, Naka-UrawaTohoku Line (Tokyo - Kuroiso)配線略図20_Minami-Yono, Yonohommachi, Kita-Yono

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