San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)



Sanko Line was abolished in 2018. This diagram shows the track layout before the abolition.

The turntable in Nagatoshi Line was removed. This diagram shows the track layout before the removal.

Some of the train exchanging point may not used.

San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図01_Izumoshi, Nishi-Izumo, Izumo-Jinzai
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図02_Konan, Oda, Tagi, Hane, Kute, Odashi
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図03_Shizuma, Isotake, Nima, Maji, Yusato, Yunotsu, Iwami-Fukumitsu
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図04_Kuromatsu, Asari, Gotsu, Tsunozu, Uyagawa, Hashi, Kushiro
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図05_Shimoko, Hamada, Nishi-Hamada, Sufu, Orii
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図06_Miho-Misumi, Okami, Kamate, Iwami-Tsuda
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図07_Masuda, Todakohama, Iinoura, Esaki
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図08_Susa, Utago, Kiyo, Nago, Nagato-Oi, Koshigahama
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図09_Higashi-Hagi, Hagi, Tamae, Sammi, Ii, Nagato-Misumi
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図10_Nagatoshi, Kiwado, Nagato-Furuichi, Hitomaru
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図11_Igami, Nagato-Awano, Agawa, Kottoi, Takibe, Nagato-Futami
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図12_Ukahongo, Yutama, Kogushi, Kawatana-Onsen, Kuroimura, Umegato
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図13_Yoshimi, Fukue, Yasuoka, Kajikuri-Godaichi, Ayaragi
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図14_Hatabu
San-in Line (Izumoshi - Hatabu)配線略図15_Senzaki

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