Tokyu Railways Denentoshi Line


A train line which connects Shibuya and suburban residential areas.

Railway business of Tokyu Corporation was separated to Tokyu Railways Corporation. This diagram shows the track layout before the corporate separation.

Minami-Machida station was renamed to "Minami-Machida Grandberry Park". This diagram This diagram shows the track layout before the rename.

Platform doors are being installed in stations in Tokyu Railways Lines. This diagram does not reflect the latest status of installation.

A scissors crossing was installed in Kajigaya Station. This diagram shows the track layout before the change.

Tokyu Railways Denentoshi Line配線略図01_Shibuya, Ikejiri-Ohashi, Sangen-Jaya, Komazawa-Daigaku, Sakura-shimmachi, Yoga
Tokyu Railways Denentoshi Line配線略図02_Futako-Tamagawa, Futako-Shinchi, Takatsu, Mizonokuchi, Kajigaya
Tokyu Railways Denentoshi Line配線略図03_Miyazakidai, Miyamaedaira, Saginuma, Tama-Plaza, Azamino
Tokyu Railways Denentoshi Line配線略図04_Eda, Ichigao, Fujigaoka, Aobadai, Tana
Tokyu Railways Denentoshi Line配線略図05_Nagatsuta
Tokyu Railways Denentoshi Line配線略図06_Tsukushino, Suzukakedai, Minami-Machida, Tsukimino, Chuo-Rinkan

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