Express trains which connects Sapporo and Kushiro are operated in Sekisho Line.

Higashi-Oiwake and Tomisato Station was abolished in 2016. This diagram shows the track layout before the Abolition.

Sekisho Line between Shin-Yubari and Yubari was abolished in 2018. This diagram shows the track layout before the Abolition.

Sekisho Line配線略図01_Minami-Chitose
Sekisho Line配線略図02_Komasato Jct., Nishi-Hayakita Jct., Oiwake
Sekisho Line配線略図03_Higashi-Oiwake, Kawabata, Takinoshita Jct., Takinoue, Tomisato
Sekisho Line配線略図04_Shin-Yubari, kaede Jct., Osawa Jct., Higashi-Osawa Jct., Seifuzan Jct.
Sekisho Line配線略図05_Shimukappu, Higashi-Shimukappu Jct., Takinosawa Jct., Horoka Jct., Tomamu, Kushinai Jct.
Sekisho Line配線略図06_Kami-Ochiai Jct., Shin-Karikachi Jct., Hirouchi Jct., Nishi-Shintoku Jct.
Sekisho Line配線略図07_Shintoku
Sekisho Line配線略図08_Numanosawa, Minami-Shimizusawa, Shimizusawa, Shikanotani, Yubari

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