Kansai Line (Kameyama - JR Namba)


Although Kansai Line was built with a intent to connect Nagoya and Osaka, there are no direct trains from Nagoya to Osaka now. Between Kameyama and Kamo the rail track is unelectrified and only local trains are operated.

Nakazaike Junction was abolished. This diagram shows the track layout before the Abolition.

Kansai Line (Kameyama - JR Namba)配線略図01_Kameyama, Seki, Kabuto
Kansai Line (Kameyama - JR Namba)配線略図02_Nakazaike Jct., Tsuge, Shindo, Sanagu
Kansai Line (Kameyama - JR Namba)配線略図03_Iga-Ueno, Shimagahara, Tsukigaseguchi, Okawara, Kasagi
Kansai Line (Kameyama - JR Namba)配線略図04_Kamo, Kizu
Kansai Line (Kameyama - JR Namba)配線略図05_Narayama, Saho Jct., Nara, Koriyama
Kansai Line (Kameyama - JR Namba)配線略図06_Yamato-Koizumi, Horyuji, Oji, Sango, Kawachi-Katakami, Takaida
Kansai Line (Kameyama - JR Namba)配線略図07_Kashiwara, Shiki, Yao, Kyuhoji, Kami
Kansai Line (Kameyama - JR Namba)配線略図08_Hirano, Kudara Freight Terminal, Tobu-Shijo-mae
Kansai Line (Kameyama - JR Namba)配線略図09_Tennoji, Shin-Imamiya, Imamiya
Kansai Line (Kameyama - JR Namba)配線略図10_JR Namba

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