Tokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)


Tokaido Line between Maibara and Kobe is operated by JR West. Special Rapid trains connect Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe.

JR-Sojiji station was opened between Settsu-Tonda and Ibaraki. This diagram shows the track layout before the opening.

Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum was closed and Umekoji-Kyotonishi station was opened between Kyoto and Tambaguchi. This diagram shows the track layout before the opening.

Tokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図01_MaibaraTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図02_Hikone, Minami-Hikone, Kawase, Inae, NotogawaTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図03_Azuchi, Omi-Hachiman, ShinoharaTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図04_Yasu, Moriyama, RittoTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図05_Kusatsu, Minami-Kusatsu, Seta, IshiyamaTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図06_Zeze, Otsu, YamashinaTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図07_Kyoto, Kyoto Freight, NishiojiTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図08_Katsuragawa, MukomachiTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図09_Nagaokakyo, Yamazaki, Shimamoto, TakatsukiTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図10_Settsu-Tonda, IbarakiTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図11_Senrioka, Kishibe, Suita Freight Terminal, SuitaTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図12_SuitaTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図13_Higashi-Yodogawa, Shin-Osaka, OsakaTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図14_Tsukamoto, Amagasaki, Tachibana, KoshienguchiTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図15_Nishinomiya, Sakura Shukugawa, Ashiya, Konan-Yamate, Settsu-Motoyama, Sumiyoshi, RokkomichiTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図16_Maya, Higashi-Nada Jct., Nada, Sannomiya, Motomachi, KobeTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図17_Miyahara YardTokaido Line (Maibara - Kobe)配線略図18_Umeda Jct., Fukushima

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