Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)


In the Tokaido Line between Toyohashi and Maibara frequent commuter trains are operated.

A siding was installed in Toyohashi Station. This diagram shows the track layout before the change.

Platform doors are being installed in Kanayama station. This diagram does not reflect the latest status of installation.

The siding in Nagoya Station was removed. This diagram shows the track layout before the removal.

Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図01_Toyohashi
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図02_Funamachi, Shimoji, Hirai Jct., Nishi-Kozakai, Aichi-Mito, Mikawa-Otsuka
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図03_Mikawa-Miya, Gamagori, Mikawa-Shiotsu, Sangane, Koda, Aimi
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図04_Okazaki, Nishi-Okazaki, Anjo, Mikawa-Anjo
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図05_Higashi-Kariya, Noda-Shimmachi, Kariya, Aizuma
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図06_Obu, Kyowa, Minami-Odaka, Odaka
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図07_Kasadera, Atsuta
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図08_Kanayama, Otobashi, Sanno Jct., Nagoya
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図09_Biwajima, Gojogawa Jct., Kiyosu
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図10_Inazawa, Owari-Ichinomiya
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図11_Kisogawa, Gifu
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図12_Nishi-Gifu, Gifu Freight Terminal, Hozumi
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図13_Ogaki, Minami-Arao Jct.
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図14_Tarui, Sekigahara, Kashiwabara
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図15_Omi-Nagaoka, Samegai
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図16_Maibara
Tokaido Line (Toyohashi - Maibara)配線略図17_Arao, Mino-Akasaka

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