Tokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)


Tokaido Line is the oldest train line in Japan, composed of passenger service sections (Tokyo - Atami, Shinagawa - Shin-Tsurumi Jct. - Tsurumi etc.) and freight service sections (Hamamatsucho - Tokyo Freight Terminal - Tsurumi, Tsurumi - Yokohama-Hazawa - Higashi-Totsuka etc.).

Tokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図01_Tokyo, Yurakucho, Shimbashi, Hamamatsucho, TamachiTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図02_Takanawa Gateway, ShinagawaTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図03_Oimachi, Omori, KamataTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図04_Kawasaki, TsurumiTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図05_Shin-Koyasu, Higashi-Kanagawa, YokohamaTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図06_Hodogaya, Higashi-Totsuka, TotsukaTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図07_OfunaTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図08_Fujisawa, Tsujido, ChigasakiTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図09_Hiratsuka, Sagami FreightTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図10_Oiso, Ninomiya, Kozu, Seisho FreightTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図11_Kamonomiya, OdawaraTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図12_Hayakawa, Nebukawa, Manazuru, YugawaraTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図13_AtamiTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図14_Tokyo Freight TerminalTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図15_Kawasaki FreightTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図16_HamakawasakiTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図17_Odasakae, Kawasaki-Shimmachi, HatchonawateTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図18_OsakiTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図19_Nishi-Oi, Musashi-KosugiTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図20_Shin-Tsurumi Jct., Shin-KawasakiTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図21_Higashi-Takashima, SakuragichoTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図22_Yokohama-HazawaTokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)配線略図23_Kozu

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Tokyo - Atami, Shinagawa - Shin-Tsurumi Jct. - Tsurumi, Tsurumi - Yokohama-HazawaAs of November 2019
Tokyo Freight Terminal & Kawasaki FreightAs of September 2015
Hamakawasaki - HatchonawateAs of April 2016

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