Musashino Line


Musashino Line was originally built as a freight train line, but passenger trains are operated between Fuchuhommachi and Nishi-Funabashi as well.

Musashino Line配線略図01_TsurumiMusashino Line配線略図02_Shin-Tsurumi Jct., Shin-KawasakiMusashino Line配線略図03_Kajigaya Freight Terminal, FuchuhommachiMusashino Line配線略図04_Kita-Fuchu, Nishi-Kokubunji, Shin-KodairaMusashino Line配線略図05_Shin-Akitsu, Higashi-TokorozawaMusashino Line配線略図06_Niiza Freight Terminal, Niiza, Kita-Asaka, Nishi-Urawa, Musashi-UrawaMusashino Line配線略図07_Minami-Urawa, Higashi-Urawa, Higashi-Kawaguchi, Minami-Koshigaya, Koshigaya Freight TerminalMusashino Line配線略図08_Koshigaya-Laketown, Yoshikawa, Yoshikawaminami, Shim-Misato, Misato, Minami-NagareyamaMusashino Line配線略図09_Shim-Matsudo, Shin-Yahashira, Higashi-Matsudo, Ichikawaono, Funabashihoten, Nishi-FunabashiMusashino Line配線略図10_KunitachiMusashino Line配線略図11_Yono, Saitama-Shintoshin, Omiya YardMusashino Line配線略図12_Mabashi, Shim-Matsudo, Kita-Kogane

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